Ressortübergreifende Gleichstellungsstrategie

The Federal Government’s gender equality strategy

Nine goals for more gender equality and how they can be reached: With its gender equality strategy, the Federal Government aims to make Germany considerably stronger.

For equal distribution of paid work and unpaid care work

How can women and men secure their livelihoods, further their careers and fit unpaid care work into their lives equally well?

For equal participation in economy and society

How can women and men equally share responsibility for shaping our country’s future with regard to the economy, politics, culture and science?

For equal participation in politics and public administration

How can inequalities between women and men be eliminated in all policy areas?

Towards a stronger future

Sustainable economic and social progress can only be achieved through policies that equally benefit women and men. The Federal Government wants women and men to be able to live off their work equally well – both caring for those who need to be cared for. Women and men should jointly share responsibility for the economy, democracy, culture and science of our country.

Gender equality issues are everywhere. Therefore, the Federal Government has stated nine goals for the different social sectors in its gender equality strategy and indicates which specific measures need to be taken for these goals to be reached.